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Need an research paper on people management: internet as a recruiting means. Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Need an research paper on people management: internet as a recruiting means. Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism. In the context of recruitment, Internet can offer a series of advantages: a high number of potential candidates can be reached. This means that is more likely for candidates appropriately skilled to be identified and hired (Dale 2004). This target would be achieved under the terms that a popular and well-organized platform would be used, meaning especially the websites that focus on recruitment, such as Monster, the Total Jobs and the Career Builder. At the same time, the use of Internet for recruiting purposes would have another important benefit: the limitation of the costs involved. Moreover, the potential offered to employers to receive and review the c.v. of candidates before arranging an interview, can save valuable time for the managers handling the specific process. The value of Internet as a business tool is made clear when managers and professionals need to be hired. In accordance with Joynt and Morton (104) Internet is the most effective tool for recruiting specialized staff. reference is made specifically to the importance of Internet for ‘attracting international MBAs and PhDs’ (Joynt and Morton 104). In other words, Internet can help HR managers to develop effective international recruitment plans. In countries where technology is highly developed and the need for highly skilled staff is emergent, for instance USA, the use of Internet for attracting high skilled professionals is unavoidable. When used for recruiting managers and professionals, Internet can be characterized as particularly effective, since it can help to achieve the following targets: a) through appropriately customized applications of e-recruitment, HR managers can define the exact skills and competencies of potential candidates, b) through Internet the process for seeking highly specialized staff is effectively controlled as of its cost. in fact through e-recruitment the costs of hiring the staff necessary can be minimized, c) the Internet also makes possible the development of tests by candidates so that valuable time is saved for HR managers, a fact that also benefits the organization since the time for the completion of the hiring process is significantly reduced, d) using the Internet the HR managers can target directly MBA centers, shortening the time of the hiring process (Joynt and Morton 104), e) in case that the professionals or managers required for an organization have to belong to a particular ‘lifestyle or culture-fit groups, such as expatriates’ (Joynt and Morton 104) it is easier to address this need by using the Internet. The value of Internet for targeting a high pool of potential candidates and decrease the time and cost involved is also highlighted in the study of Dale (55). In the above study, emphasis is given to the critical role of Internet when seeing for recruiting international staff and when specialized skills are required (Dale 55). In accordance with the issues discussed above, when having to recruit managers and professionals, HR managers need to use the Internet since this is the only way to identify the appropriate candidates, i.e. those who meet the criteria of the job, within a short period of time.

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