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Need an research paper on some summaries of books that relate to the new information technologies. Needs to be 8 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Need an research paper on some summaries of books that relate to the new information technologies. Needs to be 8 pages. Please no plagiarism. Behavioural design focuses mainly on the pleasure and effectiveness of use. For a customer, visceral response is judged a product design as for whether good or bad. A bad design is likely to lead customers to an escape syndrome. A good product will enhance productivity and hence more sales. Norman further explains that cognitive design deals with intellectualization and rationalization of choices (Norman, 2004). The customers’ ability to understand a product in addition to the pride of ownership, integration, and self-image of the product is enhanced by cognitive design. Norman asserts that affective reaction is cognitive driven which functions as a means of survival. Visceral design occurs naturally since they are genetically designed to occur hence unavoidable. A product designer considers this aspect in order to score highly in the current competitive market. If a product produces an odor it yields negative, affect which the emotions sense as dangerous. When a product matches the standards of the consumer, it produces a positive effect, which yields satisfaction to the consumer. The self-image of a product is most likely to yield pleasure to a consumer and hence the product will sell according to Norman. Balancing the three aspects of design is a major challenge to designers but if achieved, it provides satisfaction to consumers, which relates to high sales of the product. Question 2 iPod and philosophy contains 19 chapters which discuss the philosophy behind a digital iPod mobile device. The writer of this book critically discusses the effect of this devise on human relationships and their lives in general. I find chapter two and three very interesting. The two chapters discuss the changing trends and behavior of human beings with regard to iPods. The device has led to increased interconnection amongst people as the level of interaction is increasing in social sites such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and many others. The device has played a major role in downplaying the sense of community. The traditional relationships are cut lose by this device and new communities are developed in the social sites. The device also affects both positively and negatively in relation to social skills. On the positive side, the device helps people in socializing hence improving their social skills. On the negative side, the device has deteriorated the language use. Varied forms of language development in the social sites and this affects most of the young people who are attaching themselves to these sites. However, the iPod has a great impact when it comes to race and relations. Racial interaction improves and increases with the level of interrelationship that exists in these sites. Many communities exist in these sites and many people tend to interact regardless of their race, tribe, or status. Wittkower is however concerned about the impact of this device on education (Whittkower, 2008). As already mentioned above, the device affects negatively in language use.

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