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Need an research paper on target market of wine coolesrs in argentina. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Need an research paper on target market of wine coolesrs in argentina. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism. Target Market of Wine Coolers in Argentina Starting a wine cooler business in Argentina would require an entrepreneur to understand the market dynamics more than anything else. Since a wine cooler is an alcoholic beverage that is essentially made from wine and fruit juice, the need is to comprehend that the wine cooler is often seen as a carbonated beverage which has sugar added within it. Hence its target market would comprise of individuals who do not drink wine as such yet can enjoy some aspects of it within their daily lives.

The target market for these wine coolers would therefore be comprised of people who like energy drinks and carbonated ones for their needs. They are the teenagers who like to drink such wine coolers so that they can look cool, trendy and hip. It is essentially a style statement that they like to carry with them so that they can be taken as lively and attractive at all times. The focus for the wine cooler business should therefore rest on individuals who like to move ahead with life on the go. They are exploring new things, finding novel pathways and understanding the intricacies related with style and comfort.

Within Argentina, the target market would include both male and female drinkers since they are within the teenager category. They like to drink such wine coolers so that they can be considered ‘in’ and trendy more than any other opinion that can be made out of them. The target market therefore is very essential to estimate before the business can be opened up and the people are offered the wine coolers for their purchase. If the primary target market is analyzed and locked upon properly within Argentina, it is always easier to know what the secondary and tertiary target markets would be for the sake of the wine cooler business.

Since the wine coolers do not fall essentially under the category of the wine itself, they can be drunk by individuals who are not into hard drinks. This is the reason why people who are not into drinking can be taken as the right target market, and hence all out efforts could be made to sell the wine cooler products towards them (Author Unknown, 2011). The business would then be narrowed down in terms of finding and then sending the wine coolers to the exact target audiences. There would be minimal wastage which is any business’ dream in this day and age.

In the past as well, wine coolers have been made at home so the element of starting a new business could be seen as something that can take place at a very low level. The important thing is to know the exact target market so that the wine cooler product could be packaged, designed and shaped up for their eventual needs and requirements. This will mean that the business knows how it is going about within the Argentine market and how it will achieve its results over a period of time. This will be the basis of its success over a period of time.

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