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Need an research paper on vital components of turner field stadium. Needs to be 8 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Need an research paper on vital components of turner field stadium. Needs to be 8 pages. Please no plagiarism. In examining different aspects that play a significant role in determining the choice to relocate to a new stadium, or the option to renovate the existing stadium, there are greater possibilities of gaining a fresh understanding of how such decisions can positively affect both the teams in question, performance-wise, and the surrounding community.&nbsp. The researchers shall relay the information to the executive team so that they may implement issues arising from this report to detriment of the stadium.

Tastes and preferences change with time, and developments that occurred ten years ago might become completely and slightly out of taste with current demand. However, Turner Field stadium is still largely considered to be a state of the art for the purpose of baseball, though it constructed ten years ago. Changes in fans tastes coupled with increased and high customer spending prior to match have a necessitated a relook into the stadium so that necessary changes be conducted to capture their changing taste as well as tap into their spending outside the stadium. Further, there are other stakeholders such as corporate sponsors, employees, partners amongst others who are vital to the growth of the outfit, and the varying interests from a diverse range of stakeholders’ needs to be carefully planned for and collected and thereafter an inference is drawn. In addition, the report should address the key concerns of the executive team of the Turner Field Stadium which include. whether the stadium and its auxiliary features satisfy its key stakeholders and the most important features valued by the key stakeholders. This report shall attempt to investigate the most important features that satisfy Turner Field’s stakeholders and the most valued features of the stadium. The purpose of this study is to establish the most important features and the most valued features with respect to the interests of the Stadium’s key stakeholders which include the fans, corporate partners, employees amongst others. This report shall analyze and evaluate the features that are primal to the interest of fans, specifically, and secondly, the report shall evaluate the needs of the stadium's stakeholders. In marketing theory, customer satisfaction becomes the most important feature, and marketing experts have continually acknowledged it as a basic function of marketers. A satisfied customer is a precursor to customer loyalty and all those other advantages that result from customer loyalty, and the fans typically form a huge segment of customers. This report looks into the potential of linking customer satisfaction to changes in the demands of customers to Turner Field stadium.

This study will prove an important piece in illuminating the changes in the industry and vital components within the stadium that are desired by the customers. The research program design as commissioned by the executive team of the Stadium shall be developed within the realms of the Stadium. There is a wide variety of material both academic and professional materials on designing project research, however, there is a very limited design research program on this particular topic. Baseball stadia cover nearly the entire breadth of the United States and beyond, in fact in the last decade, thirty are home-based. Gwinner & Swanson (2003), through the use of stakeholder power analysis, explores the important factors that endear key stakeholders to an entity.

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