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Need assistance with implicit and explicit premise, philosophy assignment help

1. Abortion is murder, becausemurder is intentionally killing an innocent person.  Therefore, abortionis wrong.

Explicit premises:

Implicit premises:

  1. Therate of drowning increases with the rate of ice cream eating. Therefore, ice cream eating leads to drowning.

Explicit premises:

Implicit premises:

Determine whether the conclusion follows from the premises:

  1. Nocats are pleasant creatures.  This is a mouse.  Since it is nota cat, it is a pleasant creature.

Determine whether the argument is sound or unsound. Then determine whether each argument is valid or invalid.

  1. Allcats are feral.  Tabitha is a cat.  Tabitha is feral.

Show that the argument is invalid.

  1. Usingthe Counterexample Method, show that the argument’s conclusion does notfollow:

“If I score an A on the test, then I will pass the class.”“I passed the class!” “Therefore I scored an A on the test.”

Identify both the explicit and implicit premises of theargument presented.  Assess whether the premises of the argument presentedshould be accepted or rejected.

  1. Killingpeople is always wrong.  Euthanasia is an example of one personkilling another.  Therefore, it is clear that euthanasia is wrong,and should continue to be illegal.

Explicit premises:

Implicit premises:

Assessment of premises:

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