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Need back in 12 hours MPA6110

For the course project, you will need to develop an organizational analysis for an NPO of your choice. Select a local NPO to which you can gain access to administrators.

An organizational analysis is an internal audit that assesses various components (such as personnel and finances) of a business that may be improved for organizational growth and change.

This assignment will consist of a multi-step process involving the following components:

  • Assessment of the internal environment of the NPO, that is who works for the NPO, how is it governed, what does its routine operation consist of?
  • Identification of any legal, regulatory, and ethical issues the NPO may face.
  • Description of the roles and responsibilities of all key personnel, including board of directors and volunteers.
  • Assessment of any quality issues (including liabilities or risks) that may be encountered during daily operations.
  • A set of recommendations for organizational change, including a timeline and target goals, to be carried out by key management.

The NPO I choose is Ronald Mcdonald house in savannah GA and the website is www.rmhccoastalempire.org

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