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Final Textbook Examination (Covers material from entire class)

This examination is to test your knowledge and what you have learned from The Helping Process: Assessment to Termination. There are eight short-answer questions, and each question is worth one point. Each answer should be at minimum two sentences long. Do Not cite the textbook or refer to other sources.

1.     What challenges do new case managers have when trying to establish information and referral systems? How can they meet those challenges?

2.     How would you define resource selection? Provide an example of how resource selection might work for a client.

3.     To work effectively with other professionals, what skills does a case manager need?

4.     How does a case manager evaluate client progress once services have been set into motion?

5.     How would you describe the four phases of behavior change?

6.     According to the textbook, what are the three roles of a helping professional? Briefly explain how each is used.

7.     Why is feedback important when evaluating direct services? Provide an example of feedback.

8.     What are three strategies case managers can use to determine whether a client is ready to terminate services?

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