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Organization for Paper: Choose a well know organization. I would suggest one you have done so you are familiar and it will be easier to write. This paper was due Saturday night at midnight. I need asap!

Each student will develop a concise summary of an assigned case and provide appropriate analysis of issues related to the strategies of the organization.  The paper should be 8 pages detailing the student’s findings and student’s recommendations to the organization’s top management.  Each student’s paper should include extensive use of financial analysis as well as analytical tools (e.g. Porters Five Forces Model, SWOT Analysis) garnered from his/her experience in previous courses. Incorporate Biblical principles in to your analysis. Please contact the instructor for you to be assigned a case. You may propose which case will be used.

These are the required section for the research report:

1.      Introduction

2.      SWOT Analysis

3.      Analysis of Competitive Advantage and the Five Forces Model

4.      Financial Highlights

5.      Conclusions

6.      Recommendations

7.      Biblical Integration

This paper should be APA formatted, 8 pages in length, exclusive of appendices, references and cover sheet. The report must contain at least 5 quality reference articles – these must be appropriately cited and placed in a references page per APA requirements. The report is due SESSION SEVEN. You will submit the Introduction and SWOT analysis by SESSION FIVE for evaluation.

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