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Need help urgently to check my HRM essay

I've done up an Essay, I need help to check if my answer is right. If there's a problem with my answer, I need the teacher to rewrite for me on the parts that I've done wrong. 

Discuss how human resource management can make a difference by adding value to an organisation. 

Guidelines:  The maximum word count for the assignment is 1,500 words (you should aim to finish +/- 10% of this word count). well presented and written in an academic style with appropriate headings (introduction, main body, conclusion, bibliography, plagiarism certificate).

Please ensure you pay sufficient attention to the introduction and conclusion (they should each be approximately 10% of the word count for the assignment).

 12 Font Size, Times New Roman or Arial, 1.5 line spacing.  Pages must be numbered. Must be Harvard referencing

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