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Need help with my writing homework on 3.2: Course Project Business and the Constitution and Administrative Law. Write a 500 word paper answering;

Need help with my writing homework on 3.2: Course Project Business and the Constitution and Administrative Law. Write a 500 word paper answering; Business and the Constitution and Administrative Law Why it is important for a business manager to understand the basics of constitutional law

The constitution and the laws in the constitution affect not only affects ordinary/common citizens but also the business community and the corporate entities. Like the rest of the public, it is important for the business owners and manager to have a deeper insight into the constitutional laws in order to enhance their smooth operations because business owners/managers are also entitled to due legal process guaranteed to them by the Bill of Rights. Although there is no constitution law for individuals and businesses, the operations of the business is influenced by the amazing document, the constitution. The rule of law states the ethical conducts and considerations that the business community must adhere to (Beatty, Samuelson, & Bredeson, 2013). One of this is the article about corporate social responsibility (CSR) that outlines the responsibilities that the business must commit and perform in order help in maintaining ethical standards to the society. In addition, business and corporate managers must have legal concept that relates to regulatory frameworks. For instance, managers must be conversant with the constitutional clauses regarding taxation policies since it is mandatory for all profitable entities to comply and pay taxes when they fall due (Jennings, 2012).

The regulatory activities of ONE administrative agency that has a substantial impact on your business or industry

The operations of the business are regulated by state, local, or federal agencies. These agencies are created by the statutes within the main constitution that gives them the power and authority to enact, enforce, and supervise the activities of the business community. However, the powers accorded these agencies are limited to the due constitutional process. One of these regulatory and administrative agencies is Consumer Protection Agency (Jennings, 2012). The primary responsibility of CPA is to advice the President and the Congress on issues that affects the consumers either directly or indirectly. Besides, CPA promotes and protects the interest of consumers or goods/services availed to then through exchange and commerce. This administrative agency has the interest of the consumers at heart by ensuring quality and quantity measures are upheld. Other functions include: legal representation of the consumer interest before federal court and agencies, and disseminating information to the consumers to ensure information symmetry (Jennings, 2012).

Code of Federal Regulation (CFR) Proposal and its role in business

CFR is a state agency of the federal government that publishes permanent and general regulatory policies for the entire state. However, the publications made by CFR must be protected by the federal constitutional laws. Some of the codes within the CFR include ‘Title 40, Code&nbsp.of Federal Regulations&nbsp.(40 CFR)’. This code provides the regulations regarding environmental protection and EPA’s mission that aims at protecting human health and the general public from all forms of health hazardous emissions. This code plays a fundamental role in business since it regulates the operations and activities of the business so as to minimize the cost externalities posed to the environment through business activities (Beatty, Samuelson, & Bredeson, 2013). According to this policy, businesses must bear the costs of negative externalities of their operations.


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