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Need help with my writing homework on Conduct Disorder and Its Effects on African American Youths. Write a 2000 word paper answering;

Need help with my writing homework on Conduct Disorder and Its Effects on African American Youths. Write a 2000 word paper answering; Until the society adopts a new orientation about the basic problem and undertakes modern therapy to invite all African Americans males in the mainstream, give respectful understanding and let them feel self-esteemed the problem can't be solved for good.

Over the last ten years, young Africans American males have been over-represented in virtually every negative social conditions of American society. These include incarceration, crime victimization, poverty, and unemployment. Currently, nearly one of three or 32.2 percent of African Americans numbering 8, 17400 are under criminal justice supervision such as incarceration, probation, and parole. They have the strongest likelihood of being victims of the perpetrator of murder, robbery and aggravated assault. (IvoryAchebeToldson, Esoteric group therapy: Counseling African American adolescent males with conduct disorder remarks in the Journal of African American studies)

This is a dismal picture of African Americans adults in the USA. Approximately five percent of all children in the United States, ages 4-17, suffer from conduct disorder, which involves chronic, serious anti-social behavior problems. Likely symptoms that are found in such boys are frequent and persistent lying, physical cruelty, sexual activity fire-setting, vandalism forcible or stealing that begins much earlier than normal juvenile delinquency and is much more severe. African American males between 15 years to nineteen years die from homicides, which is as high as 46 times compared to the white counterparts. During 1980-1995 the rate of suicide among this age group had increased from 5.6 to 13.8 per hundred thousand of population. This is a reverse trend compared to the earlier trend when European American youths had more suicide rates than African American.

"These figures should not be surprising since adolescent African-American males in contemporary American society face major challenges to their psychological development and well-being. In addition to dealing with the physical, mental and emotional issues typically experienced during adolescence, adolescent African-American males are confronted with unique social and environmental stressors. They must frequently cope with racism and its associated stressors, including family stressors, educational stressors, and urban stressors," said Dr. Xanthos.

Conduct disorder is a psychiatric diagnosis defined as "a repetitive and persistent pattern of behavior in which the basic rights of others and major age-appropriate societal norms or rules are violated,"

Rolf Loeber, Ph.D., of the University of Pittsburgh, and colleagues investigated the relationship between Conduct disorder (CD) in young men and carrying a concealed gun with him. He showed how gun carrying is associated with crime in adulthood. He asserts that using weapons is also a symptom of CD, but he is not certain about how many boys with CD illegally carry concealed guns before the age of 18.

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