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Need help with my writing homework on Cross Cultural Communication. Write a 3250 word paper answering;

Need help with my writing homework on Cross Cultural Communication. Write a 3250 word paper answering; In managing the global conflict resolution, attention should be given to cross-cultural factors. Whereas the value of culture in managerial behavior has long been acknowledged, intellects of political science are still coming to terms with the perception and its repercussions. Conventional approaches to disagreement stress the dominance of the state while overlooking several distinctive internal features, which vary between nations. Foulkes & Bercovitch view culture indeed has a weighty outcome on how nations view the world, conduct themselves in it, and handle their conflicts. Culture has become crucial in the existing environment, where largely conflict occurs frequently between factions, alienated along cultural lines, within a nation. Evaluation of the relevance of ideas and cultural differences does undeniably have a substantial impact on arbitration and conflict resolution. The journal also elaborates the effects of effective communication and motivation in a cross-cultural environment. European Journal of Cross-Cultural Competence and Management (EJCCM) This journal explains the extensive field of cross-cultural examination with an allusion to an organization in practice. The chief purpose is the establishment of a podium for the debate on cultural matters in the current industry across several disciplines and cultures. In the spirit of its founding organization, EJCCM influences contributions from dissimilar fields of science involved in the interrelations and relations amid culture. The journal encourages papers about the dynamics of cross-cultural interactions in Europe. Key challenges Building of trust between employees and management of an organization is very important. Group members should be capable to rely on each other’s words and work as a team. Trust is a considerable challenge in cross-cultural groups, as people only tend to trust those from their nations and the same culture (Thomas, & Thomas, 2008, 134). Trust building is beneficial if the team leader and team members working together at a similar location for a long time, despite diverse nationalities. Managing of people from different nationalities has different convictions and perceptions. This diversity makes it a challenge to manage them especially when a conflict occurs. Bosses need to apply different leadership styles in dealing with conflict (Velo, 2012, 40). Managing of language and cultural issues is another challenge. In any conflict resolution, communication is inevitable. In managing a cross-cultural conflict, where different people speak various languages, it is essential for individuals to appreciate one another (Velo, 2012, 40). Synchronizing the languages and cultural aspects to enable people to have a common ground remains a challenge (Thomas, & Thomas, 2008, 134). As a team leader, working with members from different cultures has been a vast experience. Every step in the team was a learning experience. The group taught us that diversity is a strength. The tasks assigned to us went well as we were able to respect each other’s opinions to find common ground. We remained objective during the entire session focusing on the group’s mandate and not a personal mandate. From a management point of view, we learned tolerance, empathy, and respect.&nbsp.

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