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Need help with my writing homework on Discussion forum. Write a 500 word paper answering;

Need help with my writing homework on Discussion forum. Write a 500 word paper answering; Discussion Forum First Thesis In examining this thesis ment there are a number of notable things to consider. The first consideration is whether the thesis is an argument. Reading it clearly shows that the sentence is arguing that Wal-Mart’s low prices requires that they pay their employees rights and responsibilities. Another question is whether the thesis is specific enough. In these regards, it’s understood that if the thesis leads one to say so what, then it might not be specific enough. When considering this thesis, it’s clear that it is specific enough. In these regards, the thesis makes the compelling argument that employees’ rights and responsibilities are limited by the low costs and high profit margins at Wal-Mart. There are a number of potential areas of development the essay can contain to build on this thesis. One potential area of development could be the angle that Wal-Mart is exploiting its employees through these low prices and that if they raised prices more the customers would not complain. Another possible way of developing the essay is through investigating what such profit margins and low costs say about the American public. Even though the employees are working for very little, it is more important for the public to receive these low costs than to care about the people that are receiving these wages. Finally, a possible area of development could through examining how the employees feel about this situation.

Second Thesis

In examining the second thesis there are a number of notable considerations. The first consideration is whether this thesis constitutes an argument or is merely stating something. In these regards, it’s clear the thesis is making an argument. The argument is that Wal-Mart’s growth continues to hurt small business owners. The next concern is whether the thesis is specific. In these regards, it seems that perhaps the thesis should be more specific. It’s well understood that Wal-Mart hurts small businesses, but perhaps a more important investigation is what the lack of small businesses means for American communities and the American economy. The next area of concern is potential areas the thesis could be supported. In these regards, there are a number of possible supporting arguments. For instance, the essay could examine economic and statistical research that demonstrates the negative affect Wal-Mart has on local businesses. The essay could also consider the issue from a larger perspective. In these regards, the total amount of small businesses nationwide could be examined to see if they have increased or decreased since Wal-Mart began. Another area that could be investigated could be how the lack of small businesses has changed communities. For instance, now that there are limited small businesses it’s possible that people have a more difficult to remaining in contact their neighbors and maintaining an understanding of their surroundings. It might be possible to examine whether communities where Wal-Mart has a strong presence have increased or decreased levels of community satisfaction. Finally, peoples’ opinions on Wal-Mart’s competition with these businesses could be analyzed.

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