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Need help with my writing homework on Energy Needs in Mexico. Write a 4000 word paper answering;

Need help with my writing homework on Energy Needs in Mexico. Write a 4000 word paper answering; Other forms of energy include electricity, mechanical and chemical energies. Different countries use different forms of energy or a combination of many forms of energy. In Mexico, the government Mexico struggles to meet the energy needs of the country by using a combination of different forms of energy. Notably, coal and fossil fuels are the dominant sources of energy in Mexico. Perhaps due to their abundance within and without Mexico, fossil fuels are the most common source of energy not only in Mexico but also in other countries. However, with the warning of fossil fuels getting scarce and their adverse effects of combustion, various countries just like Mexico are busy adopting new forms of energy (Buen & Isabel, 2006, pp. 1-3).

The Mexican constitution gives the state the mandate to generate, transmit, and distribute different forms of energy to the citizenry. The same constitution also empowers the state to exploit all available hydrocarbons in order to address the energy needs of the public. Although Mexico uses different forms of energy to address its energy needs, various challenges still face the energy sector in Mexico. However, there is no doubt that the energy sector in Mexico plays a significant role in developing the national economy. This sector adds three percentage points to the Gross National Product of Mexico’s economy, which is an equivalent of thirty-seven percent of the total revenue collected, and eight percent of all exports. The main source of energy in Mexico is electricity. The electricity sector in Mexico relies heavily on fundamental sources such as thermal and hydropower generation. For instance, the generation of electricity in Mexico depends on 75 percent of thermal sources, 19 percent from water generation (hydropower). Other sources accounting for 2 percent include biomass, solar, and wind.

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