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Need help with my writing homework on Frida Kahlos Creativity as a Reflection of Her Suffering. Write a 1250 word paper answering;

Need help with my writing homework on Frida Kahlos Creativity as a Reflection of Her Suffering. Write a 1250 word paper answering; Kahlo’s paintings are full of human emotions such as bitterness, contempt, hatred, resentment, as well as joy, jubilation, and even optimism. This makes the work of the artist especially intimate allowing the viewers to find in it what they like most. This paper examines the life of Frida Kahlo in its indissoluble unity with the work of the artist, which can be seen as the embodiment of the most important topics for Kahlo, namely physical disability resulting in an inability to have children as well as unhappy marriage.

Frida Kahlo's art is so autobiographical that the viewer can easily read a line of her amazing life. "Naive" creativity of the artist consistently captures all stages of her spiritual and physical development. Birth and death, physical injury and pain, love and passion in her paintings cannot be attributed to any "style". The paintings seem to be created by the blood of the heart of the author, her lifeblood. “Her work, which seems to impinge on both Surrealist and Magical Realist worlds, brings together the purportedly disparate realms of fantasy and reality. mythology and rationality. native Mexican votive art and European 'high' art” (Haynes 1). The inexorable fate first knocked on the door of Frida by sending her a hard form of polio, the consequence of which was a lifelong limp (Kettenmann 10).

Getting older Frida was aware of her loneliness, and this loneliness will affect all of her work. The forced difference from others will not only be a bitter note of her work, but also the seed from which a future genius will sprout. Subsequent events in the life of the artist determine the tragedy of her talent. At eighteen, Frida is experiencing a terrible blow of fate: on September 17, 1925, she gets into a terrible accident (Kettenmann 17). As a result, Frida receives a lot of fractures. The operations could not help solve Frida’s health problems, and for the rest of her days, Frida was doomed to unbearable pain in her back. At the same time, the forced immobility seems to give her spiritual strength and she begins to draw on a special easel, fortified over the bed. Her own reflection in a mirror serves as the model for the painting. In this period, the artist created one of the most famous self-portraits. Unbearable pain splashed onto the canvas.

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