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Need help with my writing homework on Global Civil Society Issues. Write a 2000 word paper answering;

Need help with my writing homework on Global Civil Society Issues. Write a 2000 word paper answering; According to her, the term was taken up by the social movements all over the world, who were concerned with various issues including peace, the environment, new forms of protest, human rights, and women. She says how the transnational network of activists’ emergence became the new phenomenon that was of great importance. They converged on specific issues, which included climate change, human rights, HIV/AIDS, dams, landmines among others. She argues that they had a great impact on strengthening the processes of global governance more importantly in the field of humanitarian. Secondly, the Western governments and global institutions took up the term and became part of the ‘new policy agenda’. It was understood that civil society is what the West has. It is viewed as a method to facilitate reforms in the market and to introduce parliamentary democracy. She calls this ‘neoliberal version where NGOs are the key agents and not social movements. She considers NGOs as social movements, which have been tamed. The third concept is what she refers to as the ‘postmodern version’. The concept of society is criticized by the social anthropologists as being Euro-centric, born of the cultural context of the Western (Wood, Ellen Meiksins 239).

I agree with Kaldor’s argument on the fact that global civil society is involved with the civilization and democratization of globalization. A civil society, as she also says, is the process by which there is a generation of consent, the arena for individual negotiation, debates with, or struggles against centers of economic and political authority, which include companies, global institutions, and international bodies. In the essence of it, democratization can be seen in the activities of civil society.

During the second millennium final decade, the global civil society rose as a major social force in the resisting of assault on democracy and life by the corporate globalization institutions. Initially, the World Trade Organization (WTO), the IMF, and the World Bank were at the center of the resistance, being the most visible and&nbsp.very powerful among the institutional instruments that were advancing the neoliberal policy agenda of economic borders elimination, deregulation, common property assets privatization, and the social safety nets.

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