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Need help with my writing homework on History Of Architecture. Write a 1500 word paper answering;

Need help with my writing homework on History Of Architecture. Write a 1500 word paper answering; This followed interests in mathematics and science that was really changing people’s perception of life and the society. In Germany, it was popularized by people like Zwinger, Dresden and Ludwigsburg Palace. In England, it was a result of the efforts of Sir Christopher Wren, Nicholas Hawksmoor, and Sir John Vanbrugh.

The popularity of baroque architecture was also encouraged by the contributions of the aristocrats who used it to impress their guests and demonstrate their power and control over their territories. For instance, in France, the autocrat used the technology to construct the fabulous St. Petersburg which stood out as an admirable building in France. As this happened, its use spread to many other places. Later, it was used in the design of town plans both in Europe and Latin America. In fact, the use of baroque architecture in town plans introduced a new style characterized by radiating avenues with intersecting squares, a unique kind of shapes that had never been seen before.

Actually, the introduction of baroque design revolutionized architecture. With its use, different kinds of buildings could be constructed. These had different features as compared to the ones already in existence at the time. Baroque buildings were characterized by sweeping curves and white colors. At the same time, they had elegantly appearing decorations resembling the shell-shapes of vines and scrolls. This milestone was achieved especially after the coming up of the Rococo architecture around the year 1700. Moreover, they had delicate geometric patterns. These unique features made the structures constructed using baroque architectural technology to be quite appealing to the people at all times. This explains why it was embraced by the aristocrats and the Catholic Church to communicate their messages and demonstrate their dominance and powers over the rest of the society.

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