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Need help with my writing homework on Importance of Advertising to the Mass Media. Write a 3750 word paper answering;

Need help with my writing homework on Importance of Advertising to the Mass Media. Write a 3750 word paper answering; Departing from this perspective, this paper seeks to interrogate exactly how important advertising is to mass media. precisely, this paper will discuss the role of advertising in the mass media while elaborating on the different economic models of mass media in the UK in terms of their source of funding. Moreover, this paper will evaluate the benefits of each model while assessing the appropriateness of the balance between advertising and non-advertising material and their corresponding effects. this paper will also explore media content, development, distribution, and presentation, as well as the likely future of mass media industries.

The rapid flow of information and ideas across societies is undeniably one of the greatest predictors of the advancement in information and communication technologies in today’s globalization age (Fog 2013). The rise of the mass media has greatly benefited modern societies because it has become the main channel of communication, as the world’s populations rely on the media as the primary source of information regarding what is happening in their surroundings. Information communicated through the mass media plays a central role in helping individuals to make informed decisions regarding critical issues of their concern in society (Andrew 2013. Lynda, McKinney, Tedesco & Gaddie 1999). In that respect, the mass media is a powerful tool that can be utilized in shaping public opinion formation (Prat & Stromberg 2011). The messages passed through the mass media have an immeasurable impact on the entire society, both negative and positive (Browne 1999, p.103). Generally, mass media communication appears in a vast range of formats including the written and broadcast (radio and T.V). given that there are different forms of media outlets, each one of them has to compete for the attention of the same audiences (Reid & Karen 2000. Albarran 2013). While magazines and newspapers are competing for the same section of readers, TV and radio stations are battling to attract the largest numbers of viewers and listeners respectively. the increased mass media competition in the free and unregulated global market economy has inevitably increased the stakes for industry players (Fog 1999).

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