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Need help with my writing homework on Intercultural Communication. Write a 2000 word paper answering;

Need help with my writing homework on Intercultural Communication. Write a 2000 word paper answering; In the duration of this course, I have gained vast knowledge about intercultural communication. I now understand intercultural communication as a form of global communication, involving people of different cultural, religious, social, educational, and ethnic backgrounds. However, multiculturalism presents a huge challenge to intercultural communication (Bloomfield 2007). Therefore, it is important to learn about intercultural communication in order to overcome the obstacles that multiculturalism presents. In this reflective journal, I focus on the aspects of intercultural communication, networking, and career management. In addition, I will also reflect on two major guest presentations, one by a professional from the Butterfly movement, and another by Mr. Adam Whitefield of the World Youth International. Finally, I will reflect on the effectiveness of this journal as a learning experience.

1. Intercultural Communication

The aspect of intercultural communication has been core in this course. I have gathered wide and important knowledge on this aspect, and I expect this to be the foundation of my future interactions, both at the professional and social levels. This knowledge, I have acquired through classwork, and other out-of-class activities. The most important thing is that I have learned and mastered the meaning of intercultural communication. I now understand that this kind of communication is complex and challenging, as it involves people from different backgrounds. I have read in Kalscheuer (2009), that coming in contact with different people due to the advanced technologies and communication, presents a challenge to intercultural communication. Therefore, although this presents diverse opportunities to people, it is also a common root of conflicts today. However, this course has been eye-opening to me, thus my competence level in intercultural communication has improved.

Different class activities, including group work, have been a major way through which I have learnt about intercultural communication, and experienced it. Through group work, I have had the opportunity to interact with different colleagues, some of whom I do not share similar social or ethnic background.

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