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Need help with my writing homework on Marketing Plan for SmartTravel App. Write a 1250 word paper answering;

Need help with my writing homework on Marketing Plan for SmartTravel App. Write a 1250 word paper answering; One of the featured and most interesting feature will be that of allowing users upload videos and pictures of places they have visited, stayed and had fun. Therefore, it is hoped that this feature and the user friendly, interactive and clean interface will boost SmartTravel to be the fastest growing travel app market.

SmartTravel is the name of the company as well as the first product that this company will launch. However, all the future products will be listed under the company name but will have different names that will reflect the target market.

SmartTravel aims to harness the power of the crowd like no other designed app has managed to do. It will offer printed travel guides that will and that have been essential for tourists. However, such publications are printed after a two year period so as to offer up to date information to the clientele base. However, the guides are printed by one person who does not cover the different tastes of different people. Furthermore, they only cover one region which implies that tourists have to spend lots of money to purchase the guides if they are embarking on numerous tours in different places.

Therefore, as there has been a continuous influx of smart phones with WiFi and also mobile coverage is everywhere, it will make sense to travelers to leave their cumbersome, outdated travel guides at home and carry smart phones loaded in an app that can update them with important information very fast. For instance, if one was in the Himalayas, they can share that information instantly on the SmartTravel. Thus, SmartTravel’s objective is to be the heart of this customer-focused movement by getting to let tourists share information, encounters and insights with each other directly and at the same time, bypass ancient channels.

SmartTravel aims at venturing into the tourism industry. Traveling is a hobby for most people. Those who do not travel frequently, at least travel during the holidays.

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