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Need help with my writing homework on Phenomenon of Rastafarian Culture. Write a 1500 word paper answering;

Need help with my writing homework on Phenomenon of Rastafarian Culture. Write a 1500 word paper answering; The Rastafarian idea of having dreadlocks is based on the belief that any sharp metal object is not to be put on their head. According to them, growing dreadlocks also connects them to the Rasta god. Regarding their diet, they believe eating dead animals is wrong because it turns their bodies into cemeteries. Some Rastas do not also eat fruits that have been modified from their original form (Grant, 2002). Concerning their dialect, Rastas try to make their words sound persuasive. By believing that they are protesting oppression, they try to replace negative words with positive terms. They also do not believe in a religiously organized set of rules. Most Rastas distance themselves from the formal economy because they do not believe in payment of taxes. In reference to gender, Rastas believe in women’s subordination to men (Dubb, 2015). The Rastafarian culture is one with many dynamics. While some people follow all these beliefs, others ignore some aspects. However, what is common among all Rastas is that they have a strong attachment to what they believe in. They are actively spiritually connected in what they believe in.

Establishing a good professional relationship with the group requires a deep understanding of the group dynamics. First, it is important to accept that though Rastafarian beliefs and practices might contradict various expectations, Rastas still need to be treated with the utmost dignity. Respecting their opinions builds trust and mutual respect. Nonetheless, allowing Rastas to give their views on different subject matters encourages them to participate and contribute to important discussions hence encourage a healthy relationship. Moreover, involving Rastas in decision-making processes promotes good relations because it makes them feel important. More significantly, establishing efficient and clear communication channels through which information is conveyed to the group is required.

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