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Need help with my writing homework on Technology And The Global Economy. Write a 2750 word paper answering;

Need help with my writing homework on Technology And The Global Economy. Write a 2750 word paper answering; Demographic aspects include race, color, creed, birth rate, mortality rate, population size, etc. I have explained the culture in detail because when you sell your products and services in some other parts of the country when the living style and values are completely different then it gets difficult to be compatible and sell according to the needs of consumers.

As the term “globalization” is concerned we come to know that the whole world is now interconnected due to various private firms from outside the world investing their valuable assets far off in other parts of the world by gaining perfection to achieve the greater output with the optimum profit therein. Henceforth, any country specialist in any product or services should sell the maximum output to other countries in order to be competitively renowned and make an economy to be perfect by catering the external threats to overcome when dealing in business with the other countries. Therefore, globalization has made the world interconnected due to advancement in communication, transport system, internet technologies, trade systems etc. albeit, different sort of organizations doing far off businesses are now connected with each other and spreads the mobility of various goods and services due to mingling of different cultures the societies are becoming vulnerable in following old traditional myths happening in particular region. Whereas due to globalization international trade, foreign transactions and investments, money exchange have been crucial in multinational companies or organizations and those who are doing businesses, not in its original country. The losses and profits incurred by any firm face the global era that eventually impacts the economic system.

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