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Need help with my writing homework on Women and addiction. Write a 2250 word paper answering;

Need help with my writing homework on Women and addiction. Write a 2250 word paper answering; Women and Addiction Research Question: Does addiction work differently in men and women? If so, what are the mechanisms that lead to such differences? How does gender play a role in such differential addiction? Covington (2008) depicts an understanding of varied life experiences of women and the impact of living as in the male-based society. The author also discusses the way abuse increases the likelihood of addiction in women and thus, in this article is vital for this research study because it enables one to better understand women in addiction and varied treatment services. This article fits in this research because the author focused on the issues of addiction in women and offered preventive measures that were based on a holistic women centered approach, which also acknowledged their psychological needs. Therefore, the researcher will use this article to provide justification on the way addicted women who have been sexually abused by men undergo trauma and psychological torture. Grant, Jack, Fitzpatrick and Ernst (2011) discuss the issue of depression among women, which results due to addiction. The author attempted to explore the connection between depressive symptoms in women and self-silencing effects resulting poverty issuer, parenting burdens and addiction. They used a methodology of Addiction Severity Index for measuring the effect of addiction on 233 ethnically diverse women with low income who became involved in drug addiction. This study is significant for this research because it fits in the research question of the causes of addiction in women such as sexual abuse, family stress, and abusive marriages and among other related issues of addiction to women’s health. Greenfield et-al (2007) offers an analysis of diverse articles with respect to varied gender disparities in treatment entry, treatment choice, treatment retention and particular barriers to women in treatment. The research evidence revealed that women with substance misuse were likely to enter treatment than male drug users. This article is good for this study because it attempts to answer the research question about the way gender plays significant roles in differential addiction. Jack, Dobbins, Sword, Novotna, Brooks, Lipman and Niccols (2011) discuses the need for implementing evidence-based practices in treatment programs. this is through developing effective approaches to promote the transfer of knowledge from research into clinical practice. The author revealed that women were likely to undergo treatment and providing guidance was vital by evidence-informed decision-making. The article is good for research because it offers evidence informed. thus attempting to reveal effective prevention measures for controlling addiction in women. Liccardo (1997) examines the issue of substance use in both men and women. thus attempts to reveal in case women are less susceptible to substance use. Using panel data from the national longitudinal survey to determine if women are less susceptible to addiction than men, the author established that women are less likely to involve in drug abuse than men. This article is significant for the study because it attempts to reveal gender differential addiction. thus it can fit the research question on the way addiction works differently in men and women. Matheson (2008) offered various women’s issues that are results of substance use or addiction. thus these issues should be given special attention because of the roles women play in the society. The study revealed that women used substances as coping mechanisms. hence the need to offer preventative measures to help them overcome risks of addiction.

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