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Need help with this physics lab question. thank you

l. 2. A current of 3.33 mA(1mA = 0.001 A) passes through a resistor which is at a temperature 22.3°C. As a result, a voltage of 3.00 Volts is generated across the resistor. Calculate the resistance of the resistor in kfl. RRoom = Now the same resistor as in question 1 is immersed in liquid nitrogen (T= -195.8 °C). The voltageacross the resistor is still 3.00V but the current through the resistor is now 2.67 mA Calculate the resistance of the resistor at this new temperature in kfl. RLNz = . When a voltage of 4.25 Volts is applied across a light bulb, a current of 122.00 mA passes through its filament. Calculate the resistance, R, of the bulb in ohms (Q) and the power, P, inWatts being dissipated in it. R=P: A 3.20 k!) resistor has a current of -1.25 mA passing through it. What is the voltage applied tothe resistor? V:

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