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The 4-MAT review system is a way of responding to reading material that requires the learner to interact with new ideas on several levels. For this assignment, you are to select a coaching book to review that is not a Liberty University course text. Use the following format in preparing your review:

Summary: Summarize what you have read as if you were the author boiling down the book into 250 tight words. Prove that you comprehend the readings by writing a no-nonsense summary that identifies the key themes as well as the market for the book (much like the summary on the back cover of a book). 

Concrete responses: Get vulnerable. In 250 words, relate how the author of this book connected with you on a personal level. What did the author say that impacted you the most? How would the coaching in this book have helped you earlier in life? You will remember almost nothing you have read unless you make this critical, personal connection.  

Reflection: What new questions pop up for you in response to what you have read?  Keep a rough note sheet at hand as you read. Begin with questions like, “What would I like further information on?;” Where do I not agree/strongly agree with the author?;” “What bothers me/excites me about this content?,” and "How does this content line up with scripture?" This section must be at least 250 words.

Application: How does the information in this book influence how you are going to continue your own personal growth process? What actions or changes are you going to make in your life and your (current or future) coaching practice as a result of your learning? Be precise in summarizing your action steps (limit these comments to about 250 words).

Note: Your grade for the 4-MAT reviews depends on the quality and thoroughness of your response to each of these four headings. Include each heading in the body of your paper.

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