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Need some help with coming up with answers to these Questions

Describe the steps in making sure that flights take off on time for an airline.  Describe the different steps that must occur for on-time plane departure.

a.  For example, how does the airline make sure that the plane is properly fueled on a timely basis?

b.  How does the airline ensure that the plane has been cleaned?

c.  How does the airline ensure that the flight crew is in place with no absenteeism?

d.  How does the airline ensure that all of the baggage has been loaded?

e.  These are just a few examples of what needs to be done from a logistics point of view prior to the plane departing from the airport.

f.  Clearly there are many more that need to be considered and discussed.

3.  Describe the logistics system that overnight small package delivery companies use to ensure that timely delivery of undamaged packages occurs on a consistent basis.  Discuss how packages are scheduled for pickup and are picked up, tracked, and transported to the final destination, along with any other key activities.

a.  How are packages scheduled for pickup?  By phone, internet, email, etc.?

b.  How is the package tracked?  When is a tracking number assigned?  What is the process for the customer to track their shipment?

c.  How is the package transported from the customer to the final destination?  By truck alone, or by air or both?

d.  How does the delivery company ensure that the package remains undamaged?  Is there a visual inspection each time the package is handled? 

e.  How would the customer file a claim that the package was damaged upon arrival?

f.  These are just some of the items that you should consider in your analysis and there are many more as well.

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