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NETW 208 Week 6 Quiz

This pack of NETW 208 Week 6 Quiz gives the solution to:

1. (TCO 1) Which of the following choices displays IPv6 router advertisement information received from other routers?

2. (TCO 1) Which of the following choices displays a summarized status of interfaces configured for IPv6?

3. (TCO 1) The static NAT configuration for specifying the outside interface is

4. (TCO 1) In IPv6, all of the same routing protocols can be utilized, but one in particular from RFC 2080 provides a simple way to configure a network.

5. (TCO 1) The reason for the creation of IPv6 is the shrinking of IP numbers due to all of the following except for

6. (TCO 5) The global configuration to remove ACLs is

7. (TCO 5) The source parameter in the extended ACL configuration means

8. (TCO 5) Access control lists (ACLs) extract information from a packet header to test whether or not access should be permitted or denied. Which of the following is not tested?

9. (TCO 5) Some of the parameters found in a standard ACL include all of the following but

10. (TCO 5) access-list 100 permit tcp eq 80In the access list above, which address represents the destination?

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