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NETW 320 Week 4 ilab

This file of NETW 320 Week 4 ilab covers:

1. Read through the lab instructions before executing the lab steps and creating the report.2. Follow all procedures in the lab instructions for the items you will need to include in your report.3. After executing all steps contained in the lab instructions, submit a single Word document containing your report to the Dropbox.You may need to refer to the OPNET documentation to obtain additional information needed to execute a step, solve a problem, or build the simulation. In other instances, you may need to do research within your textbook or other online resources to understand and answer a question.When you encounter the symbol, a question is asked and must be answered in your lab report. Example: 3 => question number 3.Answer each and every question in the lab. Note: There may be additional questions at the end of the lab

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