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Network scenario

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Learning Team Instructions: Wireless Design Project

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Scenario: Your team is hired by a start-up Internet firm to build a hybrid wired/wireless network from the ground up. They are moving into an empty 2-story, 2000 square-foot office with no set configuration, although they are bringing with them 2 servers, a router, switches, a firewall, and 50 clients (Windows 7), 6 printers, and 4 scanners. The new office includes a 300 square-foot outside work area. They are asking for your advice on how to build out their offices. Submit the following in Week Five:

A detailed discussion of all design considerations. You will need to include all components including switches, router, firewall, and cabling. 

A Microsoft® Visio® diagram of your recommended floor configuration identifying coverage areas. Be sure to include your recommendations for where offices and cubicles would be best situated.

A Microsoft® Visio® diagram of recommended access point locations. Be sure to provide coverage for the outside work area.

Weekly Deliverables:

Week Two: Develop detailed project plan

Week Three: Create logical network design

Week Four: Create physical network design

Week Five: Final Paper and comprehensive network design

Need week four completed on this assignment.

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