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I am doing a Microeconomics online class, and as a part of this class, we are using the (BTM) Beat The Market Online – A Microeconomics Simulation. I have listed the first set of assigned exercises on this site that need to be done.  After this we can workout another deal for the next set of exercise. I will send you my username and password to log into my account on btmgames.com to do the exercises if we make a deal.  Need someone with economics background , and have experience with (BTM) Beat The Market Online - A Microeconomics Simulation exercises.

The four exercises are:

!. Revenue Maximization Exercise

2. Elasticity Exercise

3. Short-Run Cost Exercise

4Long Run Cost Exercise

NB: After the complete of each, you will then save and submit to get graded on each exercise. You can also repeat the exercises to get a better grade.

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