NU BIM400 / NU BIM400 Final exam 2016

Question 1
1. What are the different processes used to analyze patterns, trends, and relationships in data mining?
3 points
Question 2
Discuss the advantages and drawbacks of direct implementation.
3 points
Question 3
What is utilitarianism and how is it different from natural laws and rights?
3 points
Question 4
Mid-level decisions undertaken by managers by drawing upon business intelligence to implement marketing plans and product development are made at the tactical level.
1 points
Question 5
Explicit knowledge can be documented and codified, whereas tacit knowledge encompasses insights, judgment, creative processes, and wisdom that come from learning through several trials and errors.
1 points
Question 6
Which of the following should a project manager ideally do to efficiently manage a project?
commit to delivering features that stakeholders are expecting even if timelines are narrow
allow end-users to learn from their mistakes instead of hand-holding after launch
avoid making unpopular decisions that might dismay the sponsor or clients
communicate the time, cost, and scope constraints clearly as the project unfolds
2 points
Question 7
In the week 3 Discussion Board, I shared a story about how one company used statistical analysis techniques to increase sales. That company was:
Best Buy
2 points (Extra Credit)
Question 8
________ is a simulation model, often constructed using Excel, which calculates the relationships between many variables; users can change some variables to see how others are affected.
Goal seeking analysis
What-if analysis
Market basket analysis
Data aggregation
2 points
Question 9
Which of the following is a feature of human capital?
It represents the knowledge that a company's customers have about its products.
It refers to the knowledge stored as documentation about patents, contracts, and policies.
It consists of competencies and knowledge possessed by an organization's employees.
It refers to the number and quality of all the relationships an organization's employees
2 points
Question 10
Which of the following is a difference between the Internet and intranet?
The Internet relies on the TCP/IP suite, while intranets are protocol-independent.
The Internet can be accessed through web browsers, but intranets need specialized software to access.
The Internet supports multimedia and document formats unlike intranets.
The Internet is publicly accessible, while access to intranets is protected with passwords known to authorized individuals.
2 points
Question 11
Discuss social engineering and explain why humans are soft targets for social engineers.
3 points
Question 12
Discuss the three main types of intellectual capital.
3 points
Question 13
The ________ phase is a technical blueprint for the whole system which captures all aspects of how a system's components will function together to accomplish goals, using descriptions and models.
2 points
Question 14
What is artificial intelligence and how is it an integral part of the decision support system?
3 points
Question 15
Which of the following is used to handle increased Web site visits?
new hard drives
increased bandwidth
USB drives
extended hard drives
2 points
Question 16
When a person tries to judge what action would create the greatest good for the greatest number, he or she is using a utilitarian scheme.
1 points
Question 17
Which of the following is true of the triple constraint in projects?
The time constraint is the most critical of the three constraints in projects.
The three fundamentals that are known to constrain projects are insulated from each other.
Changes in one fundamental constraint force changes in the other constraints as well.
Cost constraints take precedence over time and scope constraints in all projects.
2 points
Question 18
What does the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act stipulate?
protecting privacy rights of European students outside the continent
establishing privacy rights over educational records
prohibiting educational institutes from sending misleading or deceptive commercial emails to prospective students
permitting transfer of private data to third parties to contribute toward educational processes
10 points
Question 19
Discuss the differences between processes and project.
3 points
Question 20
Which of the following would be an example of intellectual property owned by an IT firm?
software code
real estate
office stationery
legal documents


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    Question 5
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