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nursing major homework

my major is nursin


Paper Requirements

 500 words minimum about 2 pages

 double spaced

 times new roman format

 font size 12

 one inch margins

 utilizing three references in the body of the paper

 works cited page


Content Requirements

 you must indicate your major/interest in one to two paragraphs

 indicate how your topic could impact your work environment, career, or college education.

 Without the works cited page and references in the body of the paper, I will conclude that this was an opinion paper and you will receive 0 points.

The easiest way to find information is to do a google search. Do not utilize topics from the textbook, this paper should uncover research that is outside of what is presented in the text. If you choose a different topic than below, you must receive permission from the instructor. Do not wait until the last minute to pick a topic as you may need assistance with your reference search.

Topics the following are topics that can be utilized:

 Harassment & Discrimination Prevention tips

 Diversity & Inclusion Training Diversity Benefits

 Acceptance versus Assimilation: Move past requiring others to conform; learn how to go from tolerating to accepting and embracing diversity

 Leading a Diverse Organization

 Uncovering Implicit Bias in the workplace

 Respect and Inclusion in the workplace

 Beyond the Law: As you promote diversity in your workforce, go beyond what the law requires, and create a culture of inclusion.

 Hiring High Quality Diverse Candidates

 Diverse Team Building Across Cultures

 The Power of Respectful Language

 Managing the Multigenerational Workforce

 Diversity Transition to Respect

 Honoring Holiday Traditions (Tips on how holiday-related policies can help create a workplace of inclusion. Best practices for holiday-related celebrations).

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