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can you help please? i need to know the test statistics and the critical value.

OQ Search the web...faDSWANXMail - tbryant2 Xw Microsoft Wor x w] DiscLearningg XG Describe the 4 xWeBWork : M1 x* Homework He xG how to screen:X+Xhttps://webwork.clayton.edu/webwork2/M1231-05-SP19/Chapter_11/4/?effectiveUser=tbryant26&user=tbryant26&key=HYgNHMNKIbxExoDRa8QXRVg61vf...hp aPausedTAppsG Store ? MyLab & Mastering...Clayton State UniveWeBWork : M1231-...Awww.macmillanhig... @ Chapter 23 Macroe...Clayton State Resid t talentReef Applican..Problem 4User SettingsPrevious ProblemProblem ListNext ProblemGrades(1 point) The number of men and women among professors in Math, Physics, Chemistry, Linguistics, and English departments from a SRS ofProblemssmall colleges were counted, and the results are shown in the table below.Dept. Math|Physics Chemistry Linguistics EnglishMen4371282130Problem 1Women1051813Problem 2Test the claim that the gender of a professor is independent of the department. Use the significance level a = 0.01Problem 3(a) The test statistic is x2Problem 4(b) The critical value is x2(c) Is there sufficient evidence to warrant the rejection of the claim that the gender of a professor is independent of the department?O A. NoO B. YesNote: You can earn partial credit on this problemPreview My AnswersSubmit AnswersYou have attempted this problem 0 times.You have 4 attempts remaining.O Type here to searchEiW9(?0gR2:20 PMA4/21/2019
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