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Objectives Under how to describe the supply of an energy systemUnderstand the project benefits and challenges / barriers that influence clean energy transitionsBe able to critically review an energy p


  • Under how to describe the supply of an energy system
  • Understand the project benefits and challenges / barriers that influence clean energy transitions
  • Be able to critically review an energy project and apply lessons learned to other similar opportunities.


Energy systems can come in a variety of sizes and complexities. For instance, the Western Interconnection spans from British Columbia to the Mexico border, servicing millions of homes, business and industries with a diverse portfolio of power supply resources, including oil, natural gas, coal, hydroelectricity and other renewables. However, energy systems aren't always that large.

The island nation of Tokelau is a dependent territory of New Zealand, encompassing three atolls, with a combined land area of 10 square kilometers. Approximately, 1,500 residents live on the island and industries are limited to agriculture and other small-scale enterprises.

Prior to 2013, Tokelau has had electricity supplied by three sets of three diesel generator systems. In 2010, Tokelau began a transition from diesel to a hybrid renewable system, almost entirely eliminating diesel usage on the island. This energy transition has radically change how energy is provided. A report was written to summarize the project results, which serves as an interesting case study in a real-life energy transition of an entire energy system.


  1. Download the case study: Tokelau, Renewable Case Study, March 13
  2. Write a report (600-700 words) that is APA formatted and referenced.
  3. You must have at least 5 academic sources, two of which can be the courses texts or the Tokelau case study itself.
  4. The report should include the following information:
    • Identification of the case study reviewed
    • An description of the supply-side of the Tokelau energy system before and after the renewable energy project, highlighting the unique aspects of an isolated electric grid
    • Sketch out the old diesel energy system and new renewable energy system using the building blocks outlined in Unit 2.
    • Evaluate the project benefits, particularly the economic business case.
    • Evaluate project challenges and barriers
    • Discuss how implementing a hybrid renewable system in Tokelau may be different than investing in solar photovoltaics, say in a large Canadian urban community.
    • Discuss how the lessons learned from the Tokelau renewable project could be applied in Canada. HINT: Where does Canada have isolated electric grids.
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