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Oct 18, 2018 \Investment in Millwork Ventures Company shares 5 5.0 Cash 55.0 2 Oct 31 , 2018 Cash 1. 4\ Interest revenue* 1. 4 3 Nov 01 , 2018...

Amalgamated General Corporation is a consulting firm that also offers financial services through its credit division. From time to time the company buys and sells securities. The following selected transactions relate to Amalgamated's investment activities during the last quarter of 2018 and the first month of 2019. The only securities held by Amalgamated at October 1 were $35 million of 10% bonds of Kansas Abstractors, Inc., purchased on May 1 at face value and held in Amalgamated's trading portfolio. The company's fiscal year ends on December 31.

2018    Oct. 18 Purchased 2 million preferred shares of Millwork Ventures Company for $55 million.  31 Received semiannual interest of $1.4 million from the Kansas Abstractors bonds.Nov. 1 Purchased 10% bonds of Holistic Entertainment Enterprises at their $96 million face value, to be held until they mature in 2025. Semiannual interest is payable April 30 and October 31.  1 Sold the Kansas Abstractors bonds for $32 million because rising interest rates are expected to cause their fair value to continue to fall. No unrealized gains and losses had been recorded on these bonds previously.Dec. 1 Purchased 12% bonds of Household Plastics Corporation at their $60 million face value, to be held until they mature in 2028. Semiannual interest is payable May 31 and November 30.  20 Purchased U. S. Treasury bonds for $7.1 million as trading securities, hoping to earn profits on short-term differences in prices.  21 Purchased 4 million common shares of NXS Corporation for $46 million, planning to earn profits from dividends or gains if prevailing market conditions encourage sale.  23 Sold the Treasury bonds for $7.3 million.  29 Received cash dividends of $3 million from the Millwork Ventures Company preferred shares.  31 Recorded any necessary adjusting entry(s) and closing entries relating to the investments. The market price of the Millwork Ventures Company preferred stock was $25.50 per share and $13.00 per share for the NXS Corporation common. The fair values of the bond investments were $56.6 million for Household Plastics Corporation and $18.2 million for Holistic Entertainment Enterprises.

2019    Jan. 7 Sold the NXS Corporation common shares for $44 million.


Prepare the appropriate journal entry for each transaction or event.

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Oct 18, 2018\Investment in Millwork Ventures Company shares5 5.0Cash55.02Oct 31 , 2018Cash1. 4\Interest revenue*1. 43Nov 01 , 2018Investment in Holistic Entertainment bands*96. 0Lash4Nov 01 , 2018\Unrealized holding loss - 141Fair value adjustment5NOV 01 , 2018CashFair value adjustmentInvestment in Kansas Abstractors bands5Dec 01 , 2018Investment in Household Plastics bondsLEISHGO. IDec 20, 2018\Investment in U.S. treasury bonds7. 1CashDec 21 , 2018\Investment in NX'S shares46.0Cash46.0Dec 23, 2018B\Fair value adjustmentUnrealized holding gain - NIDec 23, 2018Cash7. 3Investment in U.S. treasury bondsFair value adjustment
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