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OHIO SOUTHERN PACKING, INC. During the period following his graduation from a business school in 2004, Mr. Jonathan Ogleford had attempted to prepare...

Your group has been hired by Mr. Ogleford to advise him on the proposed deal. He is your "client" for the purpose of the assignment.You are to prepare a report to him that deals with the following issues at a minimum (there may be other issues that you identify that you may want to call to his attention). 2. Should he reject the proposal and continue to look for another business? That is, is the opportunity so flawed that it would not be a good deal under conditions likely to be accepted by Mr. Augsberg. Your response to this issue should be supported by facts and your analyses. Quantitative analysis is expected.3. If the answers to 1 and 2 are both "no" what would be a reasonable counter-proposal that would meet the stated objectives of both Mr. Ogleford and Mr. Augsberg? How does it accomplish that?4. How risky is this deal to Mr. Ogleford and his investor in your view (supported with justification)? What are the key issues that could make or break the deal in terms of the operations of the company (you should have dealt with the deal structure in the first 3 questions)?

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