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The Queensland Health $1.25 billion AUD Loss



The Queensland Health is an Australian based public health system. In 2008 Queensland Health had IBM install an information system which was meant to provide accurate pay and advice to a health staff of about 78,000 people. After the initial implementation, the system didn’t run smoothly but it wasn’t alarming as running into problems with a new information system is not uncommon. As time went on the problem only got worse. The payroll system was “18 months behind schedule and 300% over budget” (Eden & Sedera, 2014). The system deficiencies caused chaos. A number of nurses, doctors, and other health employees were getting paid incorrectly or some were not even getting paid at all. “The total project costs including implementation, stabilization and maintenance is estimated to be approximately $1.25 billion AUD” (Eden & Sedera, 2014). Queensland Health suffered severely. Not only did they lose an extensive amount of money but they also lost a lot of staff including nurses, doctors, the minister of health etc. “The Queensland Health implementation project failure is the largest IS failure in the southern hemisphere to date” (Eden & Sedera, 2014).

Understanding all the hardships and problems endured, our objective is to study how these problems occurred, how it could have been avoided, understanding the deciding factors of implementation, correcting the implementation approach, and how it would change the outcome. We will go into depth on.


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Solution/Implementation 1.5 Pages


Alright so this paper is due Thursday, April 6th. Let’s have this done the day before to avoid the hassle we went through last time. If you don’t submit your part the day before (Wednesday) 7:00PM then your part will be done and your name won’t go on the assignment.  

The total assignment is 8 pages (12 font, Times New Roman, 1.5spacing) and should cover these questions as well:

  • How did the information system change the standard operating procedures used in this case (solve the problem / improve the process)?

  • Could it have been done using traditional methods?

  • How did it affect the structure of the organization?

  • Did the power shift within the ranks of the organization / profession?

  • Did the job skill-set change?

  • What were the security and ethical issues that resulted from the use of the new information system?

This is one of the links I used for the summary, but use other research as well. I recommend you send your part to if you want it proofread/corrected check for plaigrism (they usually take a day or so to write back though).

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