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operation management group assignment

Assessment Task 2: Group Assignment

1)       Assessment Details

Students have a choice of selecting one of the following projects to complete. A copy of Turnitin checking result of your written report is required for both projects.

Project 1.

Students are required to form groups of FOUR and are expected to select a local business firm or organization and complete the following activities.

Field study: by asking questions and gathering flowcharts, operations charts, bill of material, master production schedules, service blueprints, job descriptions, facility blueprints, office layouts, organization charts, operation plans, appointment schedules, mission statements, product/service catalogues, advertising material etc., to determine how the business performs its operations activities. In short, you should identify the business’s various inputs, its value adding transformation processes, and its outputs.

Analyse and evaluate the firm/organization’s operations practices, procedures and policies:describe how operations management strategy, design and operating functions are performed by your chosen firm/organization and apply tools and techniques that you have learned from the textbook to analyse the following areas:

  • Strategy and competitive setting
  • Designing the operating system
  • Managing the supply chain
  • Ensuring quality

Written report (60%): You are required to produce a written report of your findings, analysis and recommendations. Your report focus should be on describing the transformation process used by your business from start to finish and briefly explain your evaluation methods/tools for the assessment areas and provide documentary evidence of the research results. Relevant and suitable recommendations are expected based on your analysis.  

A 30 minutes oral presentation (40%) to report your findings and recommendations is required and team members are required to contribute equally in the presentation. Each member’s presentation should be of sufficient length and depth to demonstrate his/her knowledge of the firm’s operations activities.

 Word limits 2500~3000 words. Detailed marketing criteria see Appendix II.

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