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Option Explicit On Option Strict On Module Module1 Sub Main() Dim Name As String Dim GrossString, emp_str, bon_str As String Dim Gross, Deduct, Net,

Option Explicit On

Option Strict On

Module Module1

  Sub Main()

    Dim Name As String

    Dim GrossString, emp_str, bon_str As String

    Dim Gross, Deduct, Net, bon_num As Double

    Dim emp_num As Integer

    Const RATE As Double = 0.25

    Const QUIT As String = "XXX"

    Const REPORT_HEADING As String = "Payroll Report"

    Const END_LINE As String = "**End of report"

    'Work done in the housekeeping() procedure


    Name = InputBox$("Enter employee's name: ")

    While (Name <> QUIT)

      'Work done in the detailLoop() procedure

      emp_str = InputBox$("Enter employee's number: ")

      emp_num = Convert.ToInt32(emp_str)

      bon_str = InputBox$("Enter your bonus: ")

      bon_num = Convert.ToDouble(bon_str)

      GrossString = InputBox$("Enter employee's gross pay: ")

      Gross = Convert.ToDouble(GrossString)

      Deduct = Gross * RATE

      Net = Gross - Deduct + bon_num

      System.Console.WriteLine("Name: " & Name)

      System.Console.WriteLine("Number: " & emp_num)

      System.Console.WriteLine("Bonus: " & bon_num)

      System.Console.WriteLine("Gross Pay: " & Gross)

      System.Console.WriteLine("Deductions: " & Deduct)

      System.Console.WriteLine("Net Pay: " & Net)

      Name = InputBox$("Enter employee's name: ")

    End While

    'Work done in the endOfJob() procedure


  End Sub

End Module

Which of the three basic structures (sequence structure, selection/decision structure, loop structure) does it contain by going through the various parts and determine the structures used? That is it. Thank you very much for your time.

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