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Overarching theme--nonviolent movement as a "collective self". Chapter 7, section IV "The enormous multitude was the living, beating heart of an...

Overarching theme-->nonviolent movement as a "collective self". 

Chapter 7, section IV

"The enormous multitude was the living, beating heart of an infinitely noble movement. It was an army without guns, but not without strength. It was an army into which no one had to be drafted. It was white and Negro, and of all ages. It had adherents of every faith, members of every class, every profession, every political party, united by a single idea. It was a fighting army, but no one could mistake that its most powerful weapon was love" (King Jr, 123). 

WHY WE CAN'T WAIT, Author: MARTIN LUTHER KING JR, Publisher: SIGNET, Year Published: 2000,

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Running head: NONVIOLENT MOVEMENT Nonviolent MovementName:Institution: 1 NONVIOLENT MOVEMENT 2Nonviolent Movement Racism has been one major vice affecting the American continent. Over an...
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