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Overview After reading the case, follow the instructions below in order to complete the assignment. Note that the case study workbook you downloaded includes two sections: Case A and Case B. Both se


After reading the case, follow the instructions below in order to complete the assignment.  Note that the case study workbook you downloaded includes two sections: Case A and Case B.  Both sections are related to the same overall scenario, and you must read both in order to complete this assignment.  Students should utilize a minimum of three scholarly sources in order to research and answer the discussion questions for this case.


Your report for the case study must include the following sections:

  • Cover page
  • Overview — Briefly summarize the case scenario (one or two paragraphs)
  • Discussion questions — Answer the discussion questions listed below
    1. What are the relative merits of internal versus external recruitment? For this case, does the advantage of bringing new ideas and methods into the department overcome the disadvantage of resentment among current employees who might have wanted the job?
    2. A large share of HR professionals have rated online recruiting as their best source of new talent, yet Conroy only utilized the local newspaper. What do you think about her strategy? What are some advantages and disadvantages of online recruiting she should have considered?
    3. The case makes it clear that Henderson needs more training and development. Examine the four approaches to employee development in your textbook (see Figure 8.1 in Chapter 8). Which approaches do you think would best help Henderson? Explain your reasoning.
    4. Conroy has a tough decision to make regarding Henderson’s future at Big Time Computers. Her options include (1) providing additional training in the hopes that his work improves, (2) moving him into a different job, or (3) terminating his employment. If you were the HR Director at the company, how would you recommend Conroy proceed? Explain why you would recommend that course of action, and one potential downside to that approach.
    5. There is no indication that the human resource department was involved during Henderson's hiring process, or later on when Conroy realized he had some job performance issues. How could an effective HR department have helped Conroy (1) during the recruitment and selection process, and (2) in dealing with Henderson's performance management issues? Provide specific examples.
  • Debriefing — Reflecting your thoughts and opinions based on the case
  • Reference page


In addition to the case study itself, students should utilize a minimum of three scholarly sources, which can include the textbook, in order to complete this assignment.  These sources must be credible and scholarly (i.e., no blog posts or use of Wikipedia).  Industry organizations such as SHRM, as well as publications such as the Harvard Business Review and other peer-reviewed journals, are all good examples of credible sources. Remember to use parenthetical in-text citations in APA format throughout your paper to indicate the source of your information.


All papers must be completed in APA format.  This assignment should be between 3-5 pages in length (the cover page and reference page do not count towards this minimum), and must be typed using Times New Roman 12-point font, double-spaced, and with one-inch margins. Papers should also be spell-checked and grammar-checked. 

An abstract is not required, and will not count towards the 3-5 page length requirement if included.  It is preferred that students not copy and paste the discussion questions into their papers; if the questions are included, they will not count towards the page requirement minimum.

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