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PA 584 Final Exam

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(TCO A) Explain briefly why a governmental agency may have many different stakeholders. (Points : 15)(TCO A) Explain briefly how the election cycle can lead to challenges for strategic planning for a governmental agency. (Points : 15)(TCO B) Explain the basics of the theory of dual federalism and the importance of the Supreme Court case of McCulloch v. Maryland to that theory. (Points : 15) (TCO B) Explain the basics of new federalism. Please also mention at least two presidents who have used that phrase for their programs. (Points : 15)(TCO C) The 50 states within the United States of America have come about in a variety of ways. Please briefly explain at least two of the ways that states have been formed and/or admitted to the union. (Points : 15) (TCO C) Home rule may be available to some local governments. What is meant by this term home rule?(Points : 15)(TCO D) The ability to generate specific types of taxes varies from one level of government to the next. Rank the abilities of the three: local, state, and federal government. Explain at least one way that the respective abilities of the three levels of government to raise tax impact them from an intergovernmental perspective. (Points : 15)(TCO E) Why was the Department of Homeland Security formed? Do you feel that this has helped from a strategic planning perspective? (Points : 15)(TCO F) Explain briefly why requiring financial disclosure of certain governmental officials may help prevent ethical issues from arising. (Points : 15)(TCO F) Why is having a code of ethics a good idea for a governmental entity? (Points : 15)(TCO G) The Governmental Accounting Standards Board (the GASB) has conceptually addressed the idea of performance reporting. The concept sets forth the idea of measuring service efforts and accomplishments (SEA for short). Service accomplishments can be viewed as the output measures or as outcome measures. Explain briefly the difference between output measures and outcome measures. (Points : 15)(TCO G) The Governmental Accounting Standards Board (the GASB) has conceptually addressed the idea of performance reporting. The concept sets forth the idea of measuring service efforts and accomplishments (SEA for short). Define and explain the term service efforts. (Points : 15)(TCO A) Suppose that you have just been hired as a midlevel manager in your state's highway department and placed in charge of strategic planning for the department. As you are starting to think about the strategic plan that the department will be developing, you are already considering the implementation phase. In broad general terms, list and briefly discuss three implementation steps. (Points : 25)(TCO B) Three distinct structures of national government are unitary, confederate, and federal. Compare and contrast a unitary government with a federal government with a focus on at least two weaknesses of each of these two forms of national government. (Points : 25)(TCO C) Special districts are an important component of the governmental structure in the United States. Please address the creation, existence, and use of such districts. Some aspects that you should consider are as follows. What is a special district? Why might one be formed? Please feel free to use a brief example of a type of service and/or district that might be formed as part of your answer. (Points : 25)(TCO D) Three models of the relationships between the national, state, and local governments are: Coordinate-Authority, Inclusive-Authority, and Overlapping-Authority. Describe the Coordinate-Authority model and the Inclusive-Authority model, including a discussion of the respective views on the levels of dependence between the layers. (Points : 25)(TCO E) Oftentimes, all three levels of government may be involved in responding to a natural disaster. One key idea in this area is that the immediate needs must generally be by the local governments' first responders. Explain why this is the case. Further explain the role of the federal government in these matters.(Points : 25)(TCO F) Ethical issues can easily arise in governmental affairs and may be faced by anyone working as a public administrator. List and discuss three ethical issues that may be faced by an elected official or an administrative employee within a government or agency. (Points : 25)(TCO G) In 1993, the Congress of the United States passed the Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA). In 2010, the GPRA Modernization Act of 2010 made substantial changes to that existing law. First, explain at least a couple of the reasons that an update was needed. Second, describe at least two changes that the GPRA Modernization Act of 2010 made to that existing law. (Points : 25)

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