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Palestrina attempted to compose music for the Church that was A. simple. in English. fast. homophonic. The text of a madrigal is a A. Biblical story....

1.  Palestrina attempted to compose music for the Church that was 

       A. simple.   B. in English.   C. fast.   D. homophonic.

2.  The text of a madrigal is a 

       A. Biblical story.   B. poem.   C. ceremony.   D. prayer.

3.  In polyphonic music, an independent voice is one that 

       A. includes multiple melodic lines.   B. is less important than the melody it supports.   C. can be sung by one person.   D. isn't interesting enough to hold a listener's attention

4.  Two strings vibrate at different frequencies. Which one will cret a higher pitch? 

       A. The one that vibrates slower   B. The one with the lowest frequency   C. The one with the largest wavelength   D. The one that vibrates faster

5.  The phrase "harmony is vertical" means that 

       A. harmony includes every note in an octave.   B. notes in a harmony only increase in pitch.   C. harmony involves notes that sound at the same time.   D. the singers in a harmony improvise notes from up and down a scale

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