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Paper 8

Please write 10 pages

Describe your reactions, perceptions, impressions or significant insights gained from participation in or witnessing a dispute resolution situation. Some of the situations could be at a mediation or arbitration session at work; negotiating a pay increase; discussion of appropriate employee disciplinary action, et cetera.

In the paper, you may give pseudonym names of other parties involved or just give their position title. Further, you may talk about yourself, or the behavior(s) of other people, and address all of the following points: 

Briefly described the situation/overview of the key events, What did you learn about yourself from this experience?, What did you learn about the behavior of others from this experience?, How does this experience compare to others that you have had in similar or comparable circumstances?, What did you learn about bargaining or conflict from this situation?, How do the concepts in lectures or readings enrich your understanding of the process of alternative dispute resolution, its outcome or your own “style”?, What would you do the same or do differently in the future, or how would you like to behave in order to perform more effectively?

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