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Paper on Lincoln's Leadership for Management

Lincoln on Leadership

Essay Questions

BUSN271 Principles of Management

H.D. Schwartz

Spring, 2017

Instructions: Please answer three (3) of the following questions. Type your response and submit your essays on April 21, 2017.Please provide a minimum of 1250 typed words. Write a separate essay for each of the three questions you choose. The three essays will total a minimum of 1250 words combined. That is 1250/3. One title page with three essays. Follow the rubric as presented on Profhank.net and within your class.

  1. Discuss Lincoln’s vision as it pertains to motivation and leaderhip style.
  2. Which of Lincoln’s principles do you feel you would adopt into your own leadership style and why you feel they would benefit you and your organization
  3. Cite examples and discuss how Lincoln used honesty, character and integrity to achieve his goals.
  4. Comment on Lincoln’s style in the handling of his generals and administration members. Do you agree or disagree with his style?
  5. What lessons taught by Lincoln have you observed in today’s leaders or leaders you have encountered.
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