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Paraphrase This 2:

Please Paraphrase the following into a more scholarly tone:"

"I feel like after reading these excerpts I feel like the first answer clarified what exactly Gus Casely-Hayford was really trying to figure out about Ethiopian history. It was clear that he was trying to figure out its history, however, it was difficult to put the pieces together and pinpoint things that could lead to it's past. I don't think it was a specific sentence it was really just how they answered it that helped me put it together.

A sentence in another paragraph that clarified what the answer was at number two when it said "After this, Ethiopia switched to Christianity, which has a direct link with the history of the kingdom. The Patriarch claims that the Ark of the Covenant was brought to Ethiopia". It clarifies what the patriarch really meant when he said that they had accepted the old testament. 

These excerpts can help when I am doing homework because they can be used as a structure when answering questions for my future homework. In my next homework, I will aim to have more references and actually pinpoint what the answer is because I feel like I do not fully answer the question I only answer it partially. So I can turn in something rather than nothing. It is sometimes difficult to understand the main idea or interpret what some people are saying in the documentaries. The readings, however, are easier to understand. 

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