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Parrot Palace Parrot Palace works with TV

2 Parrot Palace

Parrot Palace works with TV and movie producers who need birds that can perform special tricks, such as playing dead, reciting poetry, ladder climbs, and various other tricks. Parrot Palace has about 50 birds and a list of 20 tricks from which to choose. Each bird can perform one or more tricks, and many tricks can be performed by more than one bird. When a bird learns a new trick, the trainer assigns a skill level. Some customers insist on using birds that score a 10, which is the highest skill level. As an IT consultant, you have been asked to suggest 3NF table designs. You are fairly certain that a M:N relationship exists between birds and tricks.


Draw an ERD for the Parrot Palace information system. Indicate cardinality. Identify all fields you plan to include in the birds and tricks tables. For example, in the bird table, you might want species, size, age, name, and so on. In the tricks table, you might want the trick name and description. You will need to assign a primary key in each table. Hint: Before you begin, review some database design samples in this chapter. You might spot a similar situation that requires an associative entity that you can use as a pattern. In addition, remember that numeric values work well in primary key fields. Create 3NF table designs. Chapter 9: Pg. 395 - Apply Your Knowledge - Assignment 2 - Parrot Place Tasks1 - 4

**** You should use MS Visio to create an ER diagram and cardinalities for questions 1 and 2. For question 3 you will create fields (attributes) for both the Birds and Tricks tables (entities) as stated in the directions. Don’t forget to assign primary keys! Please note that you may type relational schemas for question 4 to show each entity along with its attributes in 3NF or create dependency diagrams. You may use MS Word for question

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