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Part 1Give a personal example of where you’ve seen or experienced each of the basic schools of thoughts for Philosophy.Which of the three basic schools of Philosophy is most in line with your decisi

Readings for Pragmatism:


Cline, Austin. (2017, October 5). What Is Pragmatism? Retrieved from

Reading for Positivism:

Mellone, S.H. (1897). Some of the Leading Ideas of Comte's Positivism. International Journal of Ethics, 8(1), 73-86.

Reading for Realism:

Lebow, R. N. (June 9, 2008). The Ancient Greeks and Modern Realism: Ethics, Persuasion, and Power. In Bell, D. (Ed.), Political Thought and International Relations (26-40). Verlag: Oxford University Press.

Part 1

  • Give a personal example of where you’ve seen or experienced each of the basic schools of thoughts for Philosophy.
  • Which of the three basic schools of Philosophy is most in line with your decision processes on a day-to-day basis? Why?
  • Include a bullet or two about the ‘value’ of these schools of thought in everyday

Part 2

Pick one of the six listed Realist thinkers and present a 3- page Research Paper on them, their views, and its presentation of Realism as a Philosophical Discipline from their era using the rubric below.

  • Sun Tzu (Ancient China)
  • Thucydides (Ancient Greece)
  • Machiavelli (Medieval Italy)
  • Thomas Hobbes (civil war-torn England)
  • Mao Tse Tung (Communist China)
  • Hans J. Morgenthau (USA 1950s)

In the paper, identify your Philosopher of choice and give a short biographical paragraph describing him, another for the era and culture within which they lived, and a third reason he is interesting to you

From there:

  • Describe their Philosophical view as it directly reflects their espousal of Realism
  • Give several examples of this view from their point of view
  • Close with your opinion about their viewpoint and if you believe it was valid at the time
  • Could it withstand the test of time?
    • That is, given the cultural underpinnings of your chosen person, it may have been true back then but if he lived in your town today would his views still remain as valid? Why, why not?
  • There is no right or wrong in opinion questions
  • You will NOT grade, or be graded by your peers, on whether they agree with you or not.  See the Assessment Criteria below.

Assignment Guidelines

Write a fully APA-compliant 3-page paper for this Unit:

    • You should include a reference page, with APA citations, at the end of your paper.  This page is in addition to the 3-pages of written work, for a total of 4-pages
    • Standard margins, 12-point font, New Times Roman or similar
    • Do not write less, do not write more
    • Be sure to read the assessment criteria before you begin writing

Part 3For this week’s LJ, please reflect on an area covered that surprised you most about Pragmatism, Positivism, or Realism. Minimum words 250 and cite any reference in apa format.

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