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Peer Critique Assignment Description Instructions- Objectives-By writing peer critiques, students should refine their abilities to: Critically analyze all aspects of speech composition and delivery.D

Peer Critique Assignment Description


  • Objectives-

By writing peer critiques, students should refine their abilities to:

  • Critically analyze all aspects of speech composition and delivery.
  • Distinguish between weak and strong support.
  • Identify unclear speech arrangement and identify possible solutions.
  • Diagnose delivery problems and propose remedies.
  • In-class Comments-
  • Strengths of the speech
  • Areas for improvement
  • Written Comments-
  • In contrast to the in-class peer critiques, your written critiques should provide detailed and thorough feedback to the speaker concerning all aspects of the section you were assigned to critique.
  • Your peer critiques should not be overly vague or praise the speaker for 90% of the critique.
  • These are not softball critiques; we are all students of public speaking and can think about the real strengths and shortcomings of a speech.
  • You are critiquing the speech, which was an act of communication between the speaker and the audience; you are not critiquing the personas a person.
  • Your peer critiques should be, at minimum, half a page single-spaced in length(at least Three hundred wor ds).
  • Peer critiques must be written in complete sentences and in essay format (no bullet points).
  • Persuasive Speech-
  • Did the speaker make her/his arguments clear?
  • Did you understand what the speaker was asserting?
  • How could these arguments have been clearer?
  • Did the speaker engage the opposing arguments effectively and fairly?
  • Were there other arguments that the speaker did not address that she/he should have?
  • Did the speaker make language choices that were appealing to an oppositional audience?
  • Did the speaker provide enough supporting material to justify his/her claims?
  • Where did the speaker need more supporting material/evidence?
  • Was the supporting material appropriate for this speech?
  • Was it credible?
  • Was the speech delivered in a persuasive manner?
  • How could the delivery have been more persuasive?

Instructions- Use this Assignment Description Above to Critique The Persuasive Speech Outline Below.


  1. Introduction
  • Thesis Statement- Dogs/pets should be allowed in public and professional places as they act as a morale boost or even a coping mechanism for those who are experiencing high levels of anxiety.
  1. Body 1
  • Claim- Having your dog or pet with you in your workplace can be beneficial especially for your mental health.
  • Evidence- "Pets, especially dogs and cats, can reduce stress, anxiety, and depression, ease loneliness, encourage exercise and playfulness, and even improve your cardiovascular health. Caring for an animal can help children grow up more secure and active."(HelpGuide)
  • Tie In- With that being said, it can be extremely helpful for employees who work very stressful jobs to be allowed to have their pets with them.
  1. Body 2
  • Claim- How exactly do pets ease your nerves and reduce your stress levels? And why should companies approve of this move? Well if you look at it logically, if you stress levels are low within your workplace then realistically speaking more work can be done.
  • Evidence- Studies show:People with pets have lower blood pressure in stressful situations than those without pets. One study even found that when people with borderline hypertension adopted dogs from a shelter, their blood pressure declined significantly within five months.(HelpGuide)
  • Tie In- If having pets show these benefits if you're just at home or just away from the professional areas then what could they possibly do in a workplace or in very stress lingered areas.
  1. Body 3
  • Claim- With owning a pet can save you grands of money in healthcare, due to you having to walk them every so often, keeping you active, keeping you positive. That can also correlate to your workplace, with so many cute pets roaming around the building, how could you possibly come to work with a negative attitude.
  • Evidence- Spending too much time too close to a project, problem, or other work can inhibit productivity and cause unnecessary stress. Pets remind people to pause and step back from whatever they are involved in. Short walks, a little playtime, and temporary distractions allow mental breaks so as not to overwork and become stressed.(AppliedPsych)
  • Tie In- Allowing pets in the workplace will also allow for better morales around the building, many more people will be happier, and much more work can be done, all in all work won't be so much of a drag.
  1. Conclusion
  • Summary- I strongly believe that we should allow for dogs to be allowed in more professional settings, of course with some ground rules and standards but I believe this will allow for work to be less stressful and more enjoyable.

Information Links

  • https://appliedpsychologydegree.usc.edu/blog/the-benefits-of-bringing-pets-to-work/#:~:text=Pets%20can%20create%20camaraderie%20within,improved%20morale%20and%20reduced%20absenteeism.


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