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peer review

Module 4 also includes an assignment in which you will review and comment on a peer’s first draft faith diversity paper. You will be assisting your fellow classmates in preparing for the Mod 5 final draft of this faith diversity paper. Your responsibility is to read through, review, and evaluate their paper. Then you are to provide constructive comments throughout the paper that highlights what they are doing well, and identify some areas that might improve their paper. Focus your review and comments particularly on: are all assignment requirements (see syllabus, grading rubric, and Assignment Assist) addressed?; appropriate formatting (title page, abstract, introduction/thesis, orderly flow of thoughts/concepts, conclusion, etc.)? You can make general statements about spelling and grammar, if necessary.

You are not grading the paper. You are simply assisting each other toward a quality final draft. In addition to the comments throughout the paper, be certain to answer all 3 of the assessment questions. Everything can be submitted in one document. You will receive your peer's paper by Tuesday evening.

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